Opener Evin Lewis will go down in the history books of IPL for utilizing the DRS without precedent for the class. The DRS framework had to a great extent stayed standoffish from the Indian Premier League as of recently. In all the rest ten releases of the competition, the no choices from the umpires could have been toppled.

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Deepak Chahar was the bowler for Chennai Super Kings who influenced the expulsion in his exact moment over. It was approaching conveyance from the previous RPS bowler which Evin Lewis missed. Lewis, who thought the ball was going down the leg side, picked to make utilization of the audit accessible.

This occurrence happened amid a great go head to head amongst CSK and Mumbai Indians. The two monsters of the IPL conflicted against each other following two or three years today. The Indian board had to a great extent been hesitant to utilize DRS framework. Be that as it may, the DRS has been a basic piece of International cricket generally that it is hard to disregard it the best group on the planet as of now.