The hunger for adventures often takes us to a lot of places that not too many people dare to visit. And haunted places is one of them. Although, it’s advisable not to disturb what’s luking in those places, but curiosity to unravel the truth makes us travel to a lot of these places.

Which is the first place that comes to the mind when the discussion is about the most haunted places in India? Most of us would remember the Bhangarh Fort. Or even Kuldhara, which is also in Rajasthan. But there are a lot more places in this country that are worth a visit, if you are willing to let go of your fear and explore places that are known to scare most of us.


The tunnel in Barog, Himachal Pradesh


It might sound scary, but a lot of us have actually been to this place, and yet, didn’t realise it was haunted. Any toy train plying on the Kalka-Shimla route passes through this tunnel near  Barog. Considered to be the longest tunnel in the route, it is said to be haunted by the ghost of Captain Barog, a British engineer who was given the responsibility of building this tunnel. Failing to complete the assigned task, he was fired from his job and was mocked at for the same. This led him to depression, and eventually he shot himself inside the tunnel one day. Although his ghost is believed to be friendly, locals also recount seeing a woman running into the tunnel while screaming at the top of her voice.



Dumas Beach, Gujarat

The Dumas Beach in Surat is known mainly because of its black sand. But there have been some really mysterious activities that have made the beach infamous over the years. This place was once a cremation ground for the Hindus, and it is hence believed to be the resting place of numerous tortured souls. If reports and testimonials are to be believed, people have disappeared mysteriously after crossing a certain point on the beach. Some tourists and morning walkers have reportedly heard strange cries and whispers as well.


Dow Hill, West Bengal


Kurseong, near the main town of Darjeeling, might be one of those hill stations that you are really looking forward to visit sometime. But, let us warn you that this place is believed to be haunted. Well, if that makes you more excited to explore the place, then here’s the story for you. The wooded area of Dow Hill is said to have witnessed several murders in the past. The locals believe that the spirits of these murdered people still haunt this place. While strange voices are heard, a lot of people have reportedly seen strange apparitions as well. Some of the woodsmen say they have seen a headless boy who suddenly appears and disappears the next moment.

Savoy Hotel, Uttarakhand


Although, the Savoy Hotel is considered one of the best in Mussoorie, it has been also known to be haunted for a long time. Years ago, one Lady Garnet Orme was found dead under mysterious circumstances in one of the rooms in the hotel. Since then, a part of the hotel is still haunted by the ghost of this woman. Agatha Christie’s celebrated novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, is believed to have been inspired by this incident.

The Shaniwarwada Fort, Maharashtra


If the name rings a bell, let us remind you that it was featured in the recent Bollywood blockbuster, Bajirao Mastani. Built way back in 1746, it certainly had its share of glorious years when it was the seat of various Peshwa rulers of the Maratha empire. But, this architectural marvel is now known for hauntings. Located in Pune, this monument is now believed to be haunted by the spirit of a young prince who was murdered brutally within the walls of this fort. Shrieking sounds of a little boy are said to have heard during the night time. People say that the hauntings are at their peak on every full moon night.